The first step to designing your swimming pool is to decide what features you want to incorporate into your plan. A basic pool that starts around $30,000 and can provide hours of pleasure for your family and friends. However, you may want to add other features to your backyard swimming pool for extra enjoyment. Consider adding a slide, waterfall, spa, hot tub, or grotto and take your swimming experience to another level.

Build swimming pool
A beautiful swimming pool can provide hours of enjoyment
and add value to your home.

Inground Pool Construction and Materials

We can build your inground pool in any shape your wish. We use a product called gunite because it can easily be shaped to your specifications. Additionally, it is a very durable material and you should get many years of worry free use. Gunite is the preferred material used today to build swimming pools.

Pool Water Slide

Installing a slide which deposits the swimmer in the pool is a very popular feature. Kids love this feature, and you will hear shrieks of joy as they zip down the slide into the water.

Add Swimming Pool Waterfall

Everyone likes the sound of running water, and a waterfall can bring nature right to your backyard. We construct our waterfalls from natural rocks such as granite, limestone, or fieldstone.

Backyard Spa/Hot Tub

The addition of a spa/hot tub, which is often built next to the pool, offers one more way to enjoy your swimming pool experience. Water in the spa/hot tub is heated and is a great way to relax after a hectic day.

Grotto with Waterfall Pool Feature

Some families choose to incorporate a grotto into their swimming pool plans. A grotto is like a little cave built behind a waterfall feature. You can sit in this area and listen to the water as it cascades in front of you.

As you can see, swimming pool plans can be very simple or very elaborate. Each family's budget is different, but Brazos Lonestar Pools has something for everyone who is seeking a company to install a swimming pool in their backyard.

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inground pool and spa
pool and spa
inground pool